Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt


**Some department pages may not be updated until the end of the day on Monday 10/26/20***

Rules for The Scavenger Hunt

Thank you for Participating in this year's Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt! The scavenger hunt is open from October 26th at noon-Nov 6th at 5pm, 2020.


Our goal is to:

  • help you better understand what services exist while we are virtual
  • help you prepare for an emergency
  • get you supplies to start your emergency kit


This year's Kit includes:

  • Solar Power Bank
  • Waterproof First Aid Kit

Waterproof First Aid Kit with Humboldt State LogoImage of a SOlar Power Bank with the Humboldt State Logo

Your task is to find 12 different Bigfoots hidden throughout the HSU websites, once you find the Images:

  • Click on the Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt Image
  • You will be brought to a google form for that SPECIFIC Bigfoot (each Bigfoot has a unique google form)
  • Review the emergency preparedness information provided and answer the "Emergency Preparedness Trivia Question" 
  • Continue searching for the Bigfoots until you have found 12 and completed the associated google forms!

We will review those that completed the "Trivia Questions" after the 2 weeks is up and then we will send the prizes to those that found 12 different Bigfoots.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email


Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt- Click here for the google form

Look for this logo on different campus websites. Once you find it:

  • Click on the image
  • You will be brought to a google form specific to that Bigfoot Image
  • Complete the Form
  • Find 12 to get the prize (there are 15 in total)

Consider this one your "Free" space. Go ahead and click on it to "find" your 1st Bigfoot!

Come join a team, compete for humboldt state, and make lasting friendships!
Alone we fall, but associated we stand. A seat at the table for you, but which committee has openings you could go to?
We love the color green, growing things, and justice... we represent the intersection of social, environmental, economic
This department is where student volunteers and leaders can buildWe've been saying "YES to Volunteering" for 52 years
Your health is important, pt 1 of 3. This is where you go to learn about health or get resources for basic needs!
Your health is important pt. 2 of 3. This is where you go when you’re looking to get help with your mental health.
Your health is important pt. 3 of 3 This is where you go when you’re looking to get help with your physical health
Where can you go to explore your options, both at HSU and beyond? You are just a Handshake away from your future!
You thought you saw Bigfoot, but he’s gone in a flash At this place you can pay with card, check, or cash Bigfoot may not been seen during the day Because he runs to this office, tuition to pay
A Center where you can find learning tools and student learning resources.
Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Beyonce

Word Scramble : SEND DONUT FEAST ( 3 words)

_ _ _ _  | OF |  _ _ _ _ _ _ _

During emergencies, it is not uncommon for the internet to go down, which prevents you from using your credit and debit card to pay for essential things. Head to the website of the department that helps students pay for college and look for the Big Foot logo to learn how to address this problem.
We are here to help you day and night
You and your friends want to start a new club - where do you go to find out how to do this?
This office now oversees YES, SJEIC, & Clubs & Organizations